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RILEY AFTER 50th Reunion     (Classes of 1931 thru 1973 ONLY)
SATURDAY, August 10, 2024

331 S. Scott St, South Bend, IN

It is that time again for the annual  ‘Riley After 50th Alumni Reunion’.
Please plan to attend and renew old acquaintances.
Your attendance is what makes this reunion a success. Do not miss a good time, everyone wants to see you again!

          4:30 PM  Social Hour (cash bar)
          6:00 PM  Dinner (family style Polish dinner) 
9:00 PM  Ends                                                                                                 

  •  To be included in the printed program your paid Reservation Form must be received by  July 7, 2024.
  • Mail the completed form with your checks to your Class Representative.
  • The per person fee is $30.00   (fee includes gratuity for the service staff).
  • The late reservation fee at the door is $40.00(Seating with your class may / may not be available)

Make your checks payable to:  Riley After 50th      Check # ________      Amount $________         Class of  ________

Maiden Name: _________________________________                 
Last Name:       _________________________________               Guest  ____________________ Class of ________
First Name:       _________________________________              Guest  ____________________ Class of ________
Email Address: _________________________________

Riley After 50th Scholarship Program:                  $2,000 each to two graduating Seniors.

If you would like to donate to the Scholarship Fund make your checks payable to:   Riley After 50th 

Check # ________           Amount $________       Memo Line: Scholarship Fund 


Dave Murray( 1963) 239-272-7269  
Vice President, Elsie (Horvath) Nemeth (1964) 574-274-0563

Secretary Darnell (Beatty) Bailey (1960) 574-876-6883 
Treasurer, Kathy (Klosinski) Elli (1963) 574-520-9111


Please join Class Creator at  http://www.southbendriley.com





Link to  History of School Field telling how South Bend Alumni Association made history

Link to "Riley Review" Work in Progress by Jack Champaigne

How to Join  Click to see instructions


Military Gallery:   Photos submitted by classmates that have served our country.

Mishawaka Troop Town Link

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•   Joseph Toth (1974)  1974
•   Sharon J. Kazmierzak (1970)  1969
•   Roland W Carter (1937)  1986
•   Roy G Carter (1936)  1989
•   Richard D Schosker (1936)  1998
•   Richard Pyle (1944)  1996
•   Dan Kolecki (1941)  2004
•   Norma Jean Denney (Hopkins) (1950)  2002
•   Ray Huffman (1935)  1990
•   Donald Wayne Black (1967)  1978
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!