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History of School

James Whitcomb Riley High School is the high school for the south side residents of South BendIndiana. The school is named in honor of the "Hoosier Poet", James Whitcomb Riley. The school is operated by the S.B.C.S.C. (South Bend Community School Corporation) and governed by the South Bend Community School Corporation's Board of School Trusties.

Professional Dress Code

In the 2009-10 school year Riley High School implemented a Professional Dress Code for its students.[1] The Professional Dress Code requires students to wear school color collared shirts with no insignia and kaki, brown, or black skirts or pants. Pants must be equipped with a black, brown, or white belt and appropriate footwear consists of shoes, sneakers and boots (boots are allowed during the winter months only). Students can also wear clothing that has the Riley insignia on it, this includes athletic uniforms, school shirts, school pants, and school clubs or school organizations outfits.

School Song

Wave the flag for dear ol' Riley,

Hold her colors high.

Let the blue and golden banners,

Flaunt against the sky. (hey hey hey)

Cheer the team in every battle,

Til brave men win the game.(riley)

Wave the flag for dear ol' Riley,

Add a victory to her name.[2]

Girls Basketball

In the early 2000s Riley experienced some great success in girls basketball being the 4-A state runner-up in 2002 and semi state runner-up in 2003. They have accumulated a win loss record of 30-143 from the 2006-2014 seasons [1].